The count down begins

We processed a batch of 60 broilers last Saturday. It was a team of five people including myself. Started setting up at 6am and walked away just after 12pm. That included breaking all of them down into wing, leg quarter, breast, and tenders and vacuum sealing everything.


We are taking the rest of that batch (around 60 birds) to the USDA processor this week to get them broken down. It’s a balance of time/money when it comes to farm processing of poultry or taking to the butcher. 

Behind them we have our very last batch of birds, almost 200 that are at 5 1/2 weeks old. We will process some of them on farm, and plan to take the rest to the processor.

Our egg layers are still laying decently and that should continue into the winter. With our newest birds having just started laying they will lay all winter long except in the very coldest part of the winter.

In November we’ll clear everything out of the high tunnel and prep it for the chickens. Taking out plants, and trellising, putting plastic on the ends and securing fencing around the exterior. We’ll move the chickens inside when it’s too cold and the pasture is not regrowing fast enough.

Daily chores will become very simple and will just be providing feed once a day and water twice a day and collecting eggs once. 

It will be very nice to have a break and I’m glad I’m closing almost everything down by the end of this month. I can feel the strain on myself. I’d think I could take more, but I guess I’ve been raising chicks since February, and than our first butcher happened in May. It’s been a busy 6 months of hard work and I’m ready to not be doing as much. I think without a long winter break I wouldn’t be able to maintain the right mindset as well as mentally and physically keep up with everything. 

It doesn’t help that I started my second business in August and have been filling up every spare day off working that. I guess working two jobs and trying to have a life can wear on you eventually! I just have to make it for two more weeks and than I am taking a three week break!